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The proud aerospace history of Western New York is once again in the spotlight with NASA’s latest efforts to return to the Moon.

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. — The proud aerospace history of Western New York is once again in the spotlight with NASA‘s latest efforts to return to the Moon.

That would be the mighty Artemis Rocket also known as the Space Launch System. It’s expected sometime late next year that NASA will send four astronauts to circle the Moon in the Artemis Two mission.

And that crew will literally be depending for their safety on equipment made by Taylor Devices right here in Western New York.

A thunderous, stirring sight was seen last November in the night sky over Florida. NASA’s unmanned Artemis One rocket soared into space for an around the Moon test flight of its new Space Launch System. It will carry crews back to the lunar surface and eventually to Mars. So today at Taylor Devices in North Tonawanda, there was a big Thank You for employees from NASA managers.

Shawn Quinn, who is NASA Exploration Ground Services Manager covering vehicle assembly, actual launch, and recovery told Taylor Devices staffers on Tuesday.

“It really can’t be overstated how important your work is for the success of the Artemis program.”

It is recognition for a company really known for manufacturing shock absorbers like devices known as seismic dampers which protect buildings and bridges from earthquakes. The equipment line in part stems from its NASA work since the mid-1960s Apollo Moon missions. The company produced components to control vibration. Some allow the connecting umbilical cables on the launch tower to precisely pull away for a clean, safe lift-off…

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