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DALLAS — Ensuring a smooth and timely travel experience is a priority for airlines and airports in today’s competitive aviation industry. Passengers prioritize airlines and airports that consistently deliver on-time performance and stand out from the crowd.

Based on data compiled by Cirium, this article explores the airlines and airports that excelled in on-time performance during February 2024. The airlines are categorized by regions whereas the airports are categorized by their size.

N967AM Boeing 787-8 B788 AeroMexico AMS EHAM. Photo: Stephen Furst/Airways

Most Punctual Airlines in February 2024

For this analysis, an on-time departure is considered a flight that arrives at the gate within 15 minutes of its scheduled time. This industry standard provides a benchmark for evaluating an airline’s operational efficiency and commitment to punctuality.

Global Airlines

Leading the global airlines in February 2024 is Aeromexico (AM), achieving an on-time performance (OTP) of 90.66%. This marked a significant 12.5-point increase compared to January’s performance of 78.13%, making the Mexican flag carrier a standout achiever for the month.

Hot on Aeromexico’s heels is Delta Air Lines (DL) with a commendable on-time performance of 89.27%. Iberia (IB) rounds out the global punctual airlines, demonstrating its focus on punctuality with an on-time performance of 88.08%.

United Airlines (UA) and Azul (AD) followed the above three carriers with an OTP of 84.91% and 84.83% respectively.

On-Time Ranking Airlines On-Time Arrival Total Flights
1 Aeromexico (AM) 90.66% 15,206
2 Delta Air Lines (DL) 89.27% 123,748
3 Iberia (IB) 88.08% 13,740
4 United Airlines (UA) 84.91% 118,062
5 Azul (AD) 84.83% 24,889
6 American Airlines (AA) 84.43% 163,119
7 Avianca (AV) 83.88% 20,618
8 Qatar Airways (QR) 83.27% 16,292
9 ANA (NH) 82.85% 23,052
10 Lufthansa (LH) 82.48% 31,210

Note that for the Global…

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