Military Presence: NASA chief Bill Nelson warns of China’s ‘hidden’ military space ambitions | Space

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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has expressed serious concerns about China‘s alleged concealment of military operations in space under the guise of civilian activities.

Speaking before the House appropriations committee regarding NASA’s 2025 budget, Nelson emphasized the secretive nature of Beijing’s space endeavors and stated that the United States is engaged in a space race with China.

“We believe that a lot of their so-called civilian space program is a military program. And I think, in effect, we are in a race,” Nelson remarked, as reported by The Guardian. He voiced hopes that China would recognize the importance of maintaining space as a realm for peaceful pursuits.

Contrasting Approaches to Space
China operates its own space station, Tiangong, manned by a crew of three astronauts, in contrast to NASA’s collaborative management of the International Space Station (ISS) alongside partners from Europe, Canada, Japan, and Russia.

Concerns Over Lunar Exploration
Nelson also shared concerns that China could potentially reach the Moon ahead of the US and monopolize lunar resources, echoing his previous statements in 2022. This assertion had drawn criticism from Chinese experts who accused Nelson of harboring a “colonial mindset.”

Ambitious Lunar Objectives
Amid these tensions, both nations have ambitious lunar objectives. NASA, along with its international partners, plans to…


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