Man describes seeing UAP over Oklahoma City: ‘Smoky type circle’ | Space

(NewsNation) — Steve Aragona, a Navy veteran, was among those who witnessed an unusual object floating over Oklahoma City. He, along with his children and neighbors, were outside on Mar. 4 at 7:29 p.m. when they spotted something.

Aragona in a Sunday interview on “NewsNation Prime,” described the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), stating, “It wasn’t moving. At this point, it was just stationary, and it was bright. It was so bright.” He emphasized that the object’s luminosity and unusual behavior ruled out conventional explanations such as shooting stars or aircraft.

What initially appeared as a stationary object eventually began moving, encircled by what Aragona described as a “round, smoky type circle.” The behavior of the object, particularly its movement towards the circle it produced, defied conventional logic.

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“It started moving towards that smoky ring. And then as it got closer to it, it just kind of faded like it just vanished,” Aragona explained.

Aragona dismissed any suggestion that it might have been a routine SpaceX launch. SpaceX had indeed conducted a launch earlier, but Aragona pointed out that the trajectory of the reported sighting did not align with the SpaceX launch.

“If we all think that we’re the only species that God has made in this big, vast universe, I think we’re mistaken,” Aragona remarked.

“It’s very strongly indicative of a lot of objects that frankly, never get explained that appear in skies, not just over in America, but all over the world,” said Ross Coulthart, a special contributor for NewsNation, reflecting on similar occurrences globally.

The event was undeniably “definitely interesting,” leaving many eager for further exploration and understanding…

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