Major milestone for a future space station’s life-support system | Space

(NewsNation) — A privately built component of a future space station is one big step closer to reality. NASA says Blue Origin’s tests of its “Orbital Reef” life support system are successful.

Orbital Reef is designed to constantly clean the air and water aboard the facility that will eventually replace the aging International Space Station.

“The regenerative system recycles and reclaims most of the water and oxygen produced by normal human activities. This significantly reduces the amount of mass that would have to be launched to the orbiting laboratory for these functions,” NASA said in a statement.

NASA approved Orbital Reef’s four critical systems: filtering potentially dangerous material from the air, water contaminant oxidation, urine water recovery, and water tank storage.

The ISS’s end of life is scheduled for 2030, but NASA wants a new facility in low earth orbit for vital science research in microgravity. Axiom Space, Starlab Space and other firms are working on other components of the new space station…

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