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German airline Lufthansa has joined forces with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, to offer Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headsets to the carrier’s business class passengers flying in its newly introduced Allegris onboard product. The headsets are capable of delivering a range of in-flight entertainment options through virtual reality (VR) headsets. 

Through a pilot program, Lufthansa business class customers on certain flights can access Quest 3 headsets during the flight from the cabin crew. The complementary devices will be pre-loaded with a variety of custom content, all of which are designed to operate in Travel Mode which has been specially designed for use in flight. According to the carrier, the content will include movies, podcasts, TV shows, travel and wellness advice, and games. 

According to a Meta statement, passengers will be able to enjoy the following using the Quest 3 headsets on Lufthansa flights.  

  • Enjoy an immersive cinema experience with selected movies and TV shows; 
  • Listen to prominent travel podcasters and see their stories come to life through spatial videos and select 360-degree video content;  
  • Discover travel destinations from a bird’s eye view with virtual sightseeing previews before arrival; 
  • Play interactive games such as Connect Four and Chess; and 
  • Relax with active meditation exercises or enjoy a passive, lean-back…


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