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DALLAS — Brussels-based (BRU) Brussels Airlines (SN) is collaborating with Lufthansa (LH) and United Airlines (UA) to create a hub that will offer seamless connections to destinations in the US and Africa while connecting through the Belgian capital.

Teams in Frankfurt (FRA), Chicago (CHI), and Brussels (BRU) are working to enhance flight connections from the USA to Africa via BRU. Lufthansa intends to develop BRU into a hub for African connections to and from the United States. SN, a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group of airlines, has been selected as an ideal location for flight connections between the US and Africa. Its hub, BRU, will facilitate these connections.

According to, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, LH is seeking an agreement with UA for joint “Africa flights via Brussels.” “This is a major project with United that we expect a lot from,” Spohr said.

N25982, United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner @KLAX. Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways

Focus on Africa

Lufthansa also intends to revamp SN’s short-haul route network to offer improved connectivity of flights to Africa and the US. Spohr says the Lufthansa Group had overestimated SN’s short-haul route capacity in BRU. He says SN must increase feeder traffic to BRU to make its African routes profitable. states that SN currently has alliances with United (UA) and Air Canada (AC). These transatlantic capacities have the potential to make BRU a global hub for passengers traveling to and from Africa.

Belgium and Africa have longstanding cultural connections, resulting in a strong demand for passenger flights between the two destinations. The airline intends to deploy its long-haul fleet on more African routes. It plans to operate flights to 18 destinations on the African continent. SN will have ten Airbus A330s available to operate a newly reconstructed intercontinental network.

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