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Despite a white fuselage, Fiji Airways has bucked the trend of bland liveries with a refreshing island tapestry across its fleet.

Editor’s Note: AirlineGeeks is excited to launch our ‘Livery of the Week’ series. Every Friday, a team member will share an airline livery, which can be from the past, present, or even a special scheme. Some airline liveries are works of art. The complexity associated with painting around critical flight components and the added weight requires outside-the-box thinking from designers. The average airliner can cost upwards of $200,000 to repaint, creating a separate aircraft repainting industry as a result.

Influenced by its tropical domicile, Fiji Airways’ striking livery adorns a fleet of 14 aircraft. The livery debuted in 2013 following a rebranding effort from the Air Pacific name.

A part of the Air Pacific Group – which has various government and private owners – Fiji Airways and its subsidiary Fiji Link operate over 400 flights per week to 10 countries. From its home base at Nadi International Airport, the airline uses A350 and A330 aircraft to serve long-haul markets, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sydney.

Fiji Airways was the name of the airline between 1951 and 1970. The name was changed to ‘Air Pacific’ in 1970, according to a press release. The airline reverted back to its 1950s-era name while also debuting a vibrant paint scheme.

The ‘Very Best Flying Ambassador’

Even though Fiji Airways’ livery is largely white across aircraft fuselages, it features artful designs. The livery is an ode to the carrier’s Pacific Island roots.

TheDesignAir describes it best. On the outside of each aircraft, three Masi motifs will represent Fiji Airways. The…

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