Launch into the future with the complete Space Stage agenda at TC Disrupt 2023 | Space


We’re out-of-this-world excited to announce the complete Space Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.

We’re joining forces with the Aerospace Corporation to host this stage and of course are excited to hear the startup pitches from the Space Domain Awareness Challenge Pitch-off.

Space tech, while one of the most complex and costly endeavors, provides enormous opportunity to advance humankind. But this new space age comes with a host of challenges and uncertainties, and we’ll have some of the most knowledgeable leaders join us to unpack both.

The Space Stage agenda covers a lot of parsecs — the role of American public- and private-sector partnerships; venture capital’s unease with the U.S. Defense Department; quantum and espionage; AI and warfare and more.

Check the agenda below!

The complete Space Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

The Most Exciting Time in Space: How We Got Here and What Comes Next​

This unprecedented time in space offers untold possibilities to transform humankind’s relationship with the cosmos and benefit the prosperity and security of all those here on Earth. Join leading experts as they explore what’s new and what’s next in space, from the mega-trends and cutting-edge technologies that will define the next decade to the critical role commercial companies will play in making the most of this exciting time.​

With Steve Isakowitz, president, Aerospace Corporation; Susan Karlin, Space Science journalist; Patrick O’Neil, CSO, BlackSky; and Brian Weeden, director, Program Planning, Secure World Foundation

The Space Domain Awareness Challenge Pitch-off and Winner Announcement

Five finalists will get the rare opportunity to pitch in front of our judges on the Space Stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 and exhibit their AI/ML startup at Disrupt 2023 this September. One winner will get the opportunity for a customer roadshow and expert-led concept feedback.

The Future of Sending Human Beings into Space

With commercial…

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