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DALLAS — KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL) has announced the upcoming delivery of its new Airbus A321neo aircraft, which is expected to arrive with a new livery scheme in a few months.

The new livery of the A321neo features some eye-catching and practical changes. The dark line that separates KL’s blue and white colors now extends farther down, completely covering the nosedome in blue. This design change allows for easier replacement of the nose dome without disrupting the signature blue markings. Additionally, the cockpit windows now have a black outline, giving them a sunglasses-like appearance.

The airline plans to operate around thirty A321neos, with the first one scheduled to start flying in August. The initial destinations will be Copenhagen, Berlin, and Stockholm. KL has recently revealed more details about the aircraft’s livery and interior.

Recaro’s hybrid cabin. Photo: Recaro

Passenger Experience

Passengers can look forward to a more comfortable experience on board the A321neo. The aircraft offers wider seats, larger tray tables, and spacious luggage bins. Each seat is equipped with a tablet holder and a USB port. The cabin also features multi-colored “mood lighting” that adjusts throughout the flight.

KLM will equip new A321neo aircraft with Recaro’s BL3710 and SL3710 seats, designed for economy classes. Recaro stated last year that KL had decided to implement a hybrid layout for their cabins. Specifically, they will install the BL3710 model at the front and the SL3710 model at the rear.

The wider aisle and easily accessible overhead bins provide more room for crew members to move around. The interior of the A321neo has been meticulously designed to enhance the overall KL experience, with additional blue detailing and special lighting at the entrance to create a warm welcome.

In addition to the aesthetic and comfort improvements, the A321neo is also cleaner, quieter, and more fuel-efficient.

KLM’s new…

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