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The national carrier of Kenya has unveiled plans to double its daily flights between Nairobi and London Heathrow, while simultaneously entering into a strategic interline agreement with airBaltic (BT), Latvia’s flag carrier.

Kenya Airways has announced plans to enhance its services on the Nairobi to London Heathrow route, offering a total of 14 weekly flights starting from October 29, 2023. This expansion marks a substantial increase from the current 10 weekly flights and reflects the airline’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for this popular route.

Passengers can choose between the morning flight, KQ100, and the evening flight, KQ102, ensuring greater flexibility and convenience for their travel plans. The airline will operate these flights using Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, which are known for their modern amenities and passenger comfort.

The decision to expand services comes in response to the increasing market demand for flights on this route. Nairobi serves as a vital gateway to the United Kingdom for various purposes, including business travel, leisure, trade, and education. With these additional weekly flights, Kenya Airways aims to accommodate the rising number of passengers seeking to travel between these two key destinations.

Kenya Airways has a longstanding history of connecting travelers from Nairobi to London, and this expansion reinforces its role as a gateway to the United Kingdom. Whether for business or leisure, the airline has been a preferred choice for travelers looking to access the UK market.

With the introduction of two daily flights, passengers can now tailor their travel schedules more effectively, making it easier to plan trips, meetings, and vacations. The morning flight, KQ100, and the evening flight, KQ102, provide passengers with a range of options to suit their individual preferences and requirements.

This expansion aligns with the airline’s…

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