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Joby Aviation has successfully performed an exhibition flight in New York City, marking the first-ever electric air taxi flight in the city and the first time Joby Aviation’s aircraft has flown in an urban setting. 

The company is one of several in the race to develop electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for future commercial passenger service. 

The aircraft was flown on November 12, 2023, from the iconic Downtown Heliport in Manhattan, New York, watched by an invited audience that included New York City Mayor Eric Adams.  

At the demonstration event, Mayor Adams announced the city’s intention to electrify the heliport, laying the groundwork for New York to become the global leader in adopting clean, quiet flight. Joby’s Manhattan exhibition flight followed several days of preparation flights at the HHI Heliport in Kearny, New Jersey. 

Joby’s aircraft is designed to have a radically lower acoustic footprint than other current helicopters, allowing it to operate in densely populated areas such as New York City without adding to the background noise. 

Joby has flown more than 30,000 miles with its full-scale prototype eVTOL aircraft, beginning its test flight program in 2017. The Company recently celebrated the first aircraft to roll off its Pilot Production Plant in Marina, California and delivered the first-ever electric air taxi to the US Air Force for on-base operational testing. Joby expects to launch its commercial passenger service in 2025. 

“By electrifying one of the most famous heliports in the world, New York is demonstrating global leadership in adopting electric air travel,” said JoeBen Bevirt, Founder and CEO of Joby Aviation. “We’re grateful for the city’s support, and we’re honored to be working with visionary partners like Delta Air Lines to bring our air taxi service to this market. We plan to make quiet,…

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