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A group of influencers have been caught renting a fake private jet to create travel photos and stage shoots, taking the expression “fake it ‘til you make it” a little too far.

Recently, a group of Malaysian influencers who claim to be financial experts, were exposed by an eagle-eyed follower on TikTok.

The follower compiled video clips of the influencers using the same private jet for their respective marketing campaigns. Shots showed them boarding and going inside the jet, but not actually flying.

Some of the clips even featured the influencers brandishing wads of cash inside the aircraft, appearing to show that they truly are rich and famous. It was followed by captions stating that they could help those following their circle to become multi-millionaires.

Another TikTok user with the username Mr Turboprop, who is also a pilot, confirmed that the jet used on the influencers’ video, a Bombardier Challenger 601-3R with a license number of N888FJ, had not flown since February 2023.

Influencers are known to hire private jet studios for shoots. A private jet studio in Los Angeles is openly available for rent for $34.99 per hour. 

Image: fdphotostudio

The studio, which claims to be the first of its kind in Los Angeles, boasts of rental packages that include artificial window lights, makeup desks, and full use of the studio for shoots without the need for insurance or permits.

The practice of social media influencers’ faking their jet-setting lifestyle is so well known within their circle that a fellow content creator made a parody video of what it is like to rent a fake private jet for Instagram photos.

Stevie Emerson, an influencer with millions of followers, mimicked a business owner renting out a fake private jet to influencers.

The name of the fictitious private jet for rent is “Cloud Chasers”, a play on the term clout chaser, which is used…

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