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Some Japanese researchers have opted to make Sweden their home base as they seek to take full advantage of the Nordic country’s advanced space exploration research programs.

The northern city of Kiruna is a key center for space research in Sweden. It sits north of the Arctic Circle and draws researchers from all over the world, who favor the city’s geographical location as it gives them frequent opportunities to observe the aurora borealis.

The Kiruna-headquartered Swedish Institute of Space Physics, or IRF, is a state-run agency at the center of the country’s research and observatory programs associated with research on space and technology.

Photo taken in October 2023 of the Maxus rocket monument, a symbol of space exploration in Kiruna, Sweden. (Kyodo)

Annelie Klint Nilsson, an IRF public relations official, said the headquarters had some 30 researchers as of March, including four from Japan.

The number of foreign researchers working at the IRF increases if you add staff from its other research bases in Umea, Uppsala and Lund to the total figure, Nilsson said, noting that foreign-born researchers at the IRF also include those from India, France and Russia.

Although Japan has a strong scientific relationship with the United States in the field of space exploration, Japanese researchers are expected to work more closely with Sweden in the coming…

Source english.kyodonews.net

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