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An artwork of the aircraft currently being developed as part of the GCAP programme. (Photo: Leonardo)

The Italian MoD is committed on the modernization effort started in the last few years, with investments in many areas that will also sustain the national industry, but also some unexpected ones.

A bit later than usual, the Italian government published few days ago the new multiyear defense planning document (Documento Programmatico Pluriennale della Difesa) for 2023-2025, which illustrates the funding needed by the Italian military to sustain and modernize its forces. As in the recent years’ editions of the document, Italy remains committed to the many important investments towards the modernization, but let’s proceed in order.

The strategic situation is based, yet again, on a reference scenario, called the “extended Mediterranean” region, a highly volatile multidomain system which is place for encounters and clashes where important international actors are becoming increasingly aggressive, with a negative downfall on the social and economic contexts and the national security. This is the result of the geopolitical and geostrategic changes of the last few years, which led to an increase of the antagonisms, alliances of convenience and a progressive loss of relevance of international organizations.

Today we find ourselves in an increasingly complex and instable world, in which great political, military and economic powers with a global vocation are standing out and intend to question the world security structure. The escalation in the inter-state relations has changed, moving from a peace-crisis-conflict model to a competition-crisis-conflict one, resulting in a continuum competition situation dominated by pervasive instability.

The systemic shock caused by the Ukrainian crisis changed the international relations and the perception of security and defense in Europe, emphasizing the increasing strategic global competition. This resulted, in turn, to…

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