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The final SH-90 received by the Italian Navy. (Photo: Leonardo)

The Italian Navy received 56 NH90 helicopters since 2011, which logged more than 35,000 flight hours in multiple operations in Italy and internationally.

The Marina Militare (Italian Navy) received its 56th and final NH90 helicopter during an official ceremony at the Maristaeli Luni Base attended by Italian Navy’s, Leonardo’s and NHIndustries’ representatives on September 29, 2023. The final helicopter is a SH-90A ASW/ASuW aircraft, assembled at Leonardo’s facility in Venice Tessera.

Since 2011, the Italian Navy took delivery of 46 SH-90A helicopters optimized for anti-submarine and anti-ship operations and 10 MH-90As optimized for tactical transport duties and special operations. The Italian Navy is one of the type’s largest operators and its whole fleet has logged in excess of 35,000 flight hours in multiple operations in Italy and internationally.

The fleet is distributed over the three main bases in Grottaglie, Luni and Catania, replacing the older AB-212ASW. The helicopters perform a wide range of missions also in support of the civilian population, such as search and rescue, medical evacuation, disaster relief and emergency response operations. They are also often involved in anti-piracy operations when embarked on Italian naval units operating abroad on international missions.

The completion of deliveries occurs as a unique Full Crew Simulation Training Centre is established and opened at Maristaeli Luni, featuring a dedicated Level D Full Flight Simulator of the type in full MR 1 configuration (therefore, representative of the latest avionics standard), all fully developed by Leonardo and tailored to the Italian Navy’s needs. The choice of the location is not casual, as Luni is the helicopter’s main operating base for the Navy and is used for the training of the crews.

“The completion of the NH90 deliveries and the handover of this one-of-a-kind simulation…

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