Italian Navy Destroyer Caio Duilio Shoots Down Two More Drones In Red Sea | Aviation

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The OTO 76/62 cannon of ITS Caio Duilio at work (Image credit: Italian Navy)

The Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer of the Marina Militare engaged and shot down two more aerial drones in the Red Sea.

Few days after shooting down the first drone in support of the the European Union operation Aspides, ITS Caio Duilio, an Anti-Air Warfare destroyer of the Italian Navy (Marina Militare), shot down two more drones in the Red Sea.

According to EUNAVFOR, on Mar. 12, 2024 at between 02.00AM and 05.45AM Djibouti time, the Italian destroyed repelled the attack from UAVs coming from Houthis-controlled territories in Yemen and posing a direct and imminent threat to the freedom of navigation.

At this time it’s not clear whether the drones were aiming at the Italian warship or another vessel in the region. On Mar. 2, the Italian destroyer shot down an UAV for self-defense, at a distance of 6 kilometers, using its starboard bow OTO 76mm cannon, which fired six shots.

Although it’s not been confirmed yet, it is quite likely that 76mm cannons were again used to shoot down the drones: these Super-Rapid guns are extremely effective and much cheaper than low and medum-range Aster missiles, therefore the weapon of choice against relatively low-cost targets.

Generally speaking, it won’t be easy for the Houthi rebels to hit Caio Duilio, a multirole warship with…

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