Israel Strikes Hezbollah Infrastructure As IAF G550 Nachshon Oron Patrols Off Lebanon | Aviation


File photo of a G550 Oron (Image credit: IDF). In the box: the track of IRON1 on Oct. 15, 2023 (Image credit:

A new track being flown by Israeli Air Force G550 Oron was noticed on Oct. 15, 2023, as air strikes inside Lebanon were conducted.

On the night of Oct. 15, 2023, a new pattern of the Israel Air Force’s new surveillance platform G550 Nachshon Oron was noticed as the IDF announced that they would begin airstrikes in Lebanon. During the Israeli – Hamas conflict, the G550 Oron was regularly spotted on public aircraft tracking sites such as orbiting over Israel and off its coastline providing signals intelligence across the area.

However, on Sunday a different pattern emerged amidst heightened tensions between Israel and Lebanon. Soon after, the Israeli government announced its first successful strike of Hezbollah military infrastructure in Lebanon.

Between Oct. 9 and Oct. 15, the Oron was spotted regularly over the skies of Israel and its coast under the callsign DNMRK or IRON.

However, on the evening of Oct. 15, the Oron (under the callsign IRON1) made a departure from its regular ISR orbit and headed north towards the Lebanese coast. This was in lieu of the IDF’s announcement to start striking Hezbollah within the south of Lebanon that same day.

The updated Oron platform is equipped with an active electronically scanned array…

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