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DALLAS – In a significant move to strengthen its position in the civil aviation industry, Russian aircraft manufacturer Irkut Corporation, which builds the MC-21 and the SSJ-New aircraft, has announced that it will rebrand as Yakovlev.

Paying homage to the renowned Soviet aeronautical engineer Alexander Yakovlev, the transition will reportedly be completed by the end of August this year.

The rebranding comes when international sanctions have led to restrictions on the delivery of foreign aircraft and parts, including those from Airbus and Boeing. As a result, Yakovlev, with its domestic production capabilities, is poised to become the primary supplier of new aircraft to Russian carriers in the foreseeable future.

Rossiya MC-21-300. Photo: Rossiya

Yakovlev: A Name Steeped in Aviation Heritage

Yakovlev Design Bureau has a rich history of developing fighters, bombers, training aircraft, and even regional airliners. Merging the Yakovlev name across the entire company signifies a strategic decision to unify and capitalize on the legacy and expertise of the renowned brand.

Irkut’s General Director, Andrei Boginsky, emphasized the significance of Yakovlev’s involvement in organizing aircraft production during World War II, drawing parallels with the current mission of uniting the Russian civil aircraft industry to face new challenges.

Sergei Chemezov, head of the state technology corporation Rostec, which controls the main Russian aeronautical companies, including UAC (United Aircraft Corporation), spoke about the importance of reducing dependence on imports and fully equipping Russian airlines with domestic aircraft, parts that match Western models in terms of quality, reliability, and other characteristics.

Pivotal Role

With projections indicating a demand for 500 civil aircraft from Russian airlines until 2030, Yakovlev is poised to…

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