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KF-21 prototype (KAI)

South Korean police forces have raided KAI’s offices following data leak attempt by Indonesian engineers in January.

Following the initial discovery of a data breach last month, the South Korean police have raided KAI with a search and seize warrant on Mar. 15, 2024. As part of Indonesia’s involvement in the KF-X program, roughly ten engineers have been working at KAI to receive technology transfer. However, South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) reported that, on Jan. 17, 2024, two Indonesian engineers were caught attempting to smuggle out several unauthorised flash drives out of KAI’s facilities. Since then, a joint investigation was launched by DAPA, the National Intelligence Service, and the Defense Counterintelligence Command to determine whether any classified information has been leaked or if there has been a violation of the Defense Industry Technology Protection Act.

While officials from DAPA and KAI have previously stated that they have not found any evidence of national secrets such as core technologies being leaked, the independent investigation has just begun. From initial assessments by DAPA and KAI, it has been revealed that the flash drives in question had over 6,000 files previously written on them. Furthermore, one of the engineers is facing allegations that he/she used a phone to illegally take pictures of blueprints.

It is told that the Indonesian engineers had restricted access within KAI’s research facilities However, due to the significant amount of data accessed by these engineers, the Counterintelligence Command and the National Intelligence Service are investigating the possibility of an insider within KAI. Since January, the two key suspects have been banned from leaving South Korea. On March 15, the police have raided KAI’s office in Sacheon for the two engineers’ workstations as well as their individual residencies the day before.

Indonesian engineers temporarily banned…

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