How Many 737 MAXs Has Boeing Delivered Since Its Recertification?

The Boeing 737 MAX’s grounding notice was withdrawn by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) almost a year ago. The change allowed Boeing to resume deliveries of its only current narrowbody product. Slowly, more and more regulators have been giving the MAX the green light. But just how many MAX aircraft has the manufacturer delivered since the FAA recertified the aircraft?

How many 737 MAXs has Boeing delivered since the jet’s return? Photo: Getty Images

Deliveries resumed in December

United Airlines took delivery of the first Boeing 737 MAX to be delivered since the aircraft’s return. The airline took delivery of N27519 on December 8th, 2020. According to, the plane first flew on June 1st, 2019, meaning that today it is already 2.4 years old. With just 415 hours on the clock as of July 31st, the aircraft’s current market value is listed at $41.98 million.

According to Boeing’s official order books, up to and including September 30th, the planemaker has delivered 194 aircraft from the MAX program since its return to the skies. United Airlines has taken around an eighth of all deliveries, with 25 deliveries. Southwest and Ryanair have each taken 19 jets.

Boeing 737 MAX, Deliveries, Recertification
Five customers account for half of the aircraft delivered. Data: Boeing

When the plane was grounded, Boeing initially continued building the 737 MAX, expecting that getting the plane back into the skies would be a relatively quick fix. Around a year ago, it was reported that around 450 737 MAX aircraft had been built but not delivered.

Boeing 737 MAX, Deliveries, Recertification
194 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have been delivered since its recertification. Data: Boeing

With the backlog of aircraft, Boeing quickly delivered its MAX aircraft once deliveries were back on the cards. The planemaker has been providing an average of 19 aircraft each month since deliveries resumed in December. Despite this, there was around a month from April to May where the manufacturer delivered no aircraft. The issue was unrelated to the aircraft’s main grounding and was caused by an electrical fault that needed to be rectified.

Thousands of orders outstanding

According to Boeing’s order books, we shouldn’t expect deliveries of the 737 MAX to cease any time soon. There are currently 4,024 outstanding orders for the Boeing narrowbody. Assuming that the average delivery rate of around 20 aircraft a month was maintained, it would take over 200 months (16 years eight months) to deliver the entire backlog.

Boeing 737 MAX, Deliveries, Recertification
Southwest has options for 252 more Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

Of course, while that number will decrease as aircraft deliveries are made, it will also likely increase again as more orders are placed. Just yesterday, Southwest Airlines revealed that it still has options for a further 252 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from both the -7 and -8 variants.

Of course, Southwest, while the largest 737 MAX customer to date, isn’t the only airline interested in the MAX. As the narrowbody market is mostly a duopoly between Airbus’ A320 family and Boeing’s 737 MAX family, the aircraft will likely attract many more orders in the coming years as the aviation industry’s recovery continues.

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