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DALLAS — Larger jet-driven plane makers like Airbus and Boeing have a diverse product portfolio, ranging from short, medium, to ultra-long. These turbofan-based aircraft, however, do consume a large amount of aviation gasoline and produce a significant carbon footprint.

Being in an environmentally conscious world, do we really need jet-driven aircraft flying shorter, regional routes when there’s a more sustainable option?

With over four decades of experience, ATR has built a robust, durable set of turboprop aircraft capable of flying in rigid conditions and, most of all, providing vital, essential air services between communities, in addition to operating in certainly established aviation markets.

ATR expects over 2,500 turboprop aircraft to be flying in the skies by 2040. With its key advantage of lower operating costs and lower carbon emissions, ATR is positioning itself as a strong competitor against regional jets in the ‘under 500 nautical mile stage length.’

Airways Correspondent Siddharth Ganesh discusses ATR’s post-pandemic strategy of offering low-emission aircraft in an environmentally conscious world with Alexis Vidal, Senior Vice President of Commercial, ATR, along with a complete overview of the operations and ventures of the manufacturer.

Alexis Vidal, Senior Vice President of Commercial, ATR (left). Photo: Author

SG: We heard a lot about airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as an aircraft manufacturer, what did you learn coming out of this turbulent period?

AV: It was an extremely severe situation for the airline industry. From a manufacturer’s point of view, we had to not only support our customers but also adjust and resize our production and company. The adaptation plans for any aircraft manufacturer have been severe, and even today, despite being out of the pandemic, we continue to have issues pertaining to the supply chain.

We want to ramp up production again, but that’s just difficult with the…

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