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DALLAS — German authorities have confirmed that the hostage situation at Hamburg Airport (HAM) came to an end on the afternoon of Sunday, November 5, approximately 18 hours after a 35-year-old man of Turkish nationality drove his vehicle through the airport gates with his 4-year-old daughter.

Last evening, the driver’s wife informed local police about her child’s abduction. This morning, HAM issued a warning stating that the police operation was ongoing and that air traffic would remain suspended until further notice. Over 100 flights were canceled, and multiple planes were redirected. The standoff caused significant disruption to thousands of travelers, with hundreds being accommodated in nearby hotels.

According to, the man has been arrested, and fortunately, the girl seems to be unharmed.

Unfolding of Events

After barging into the airport security area, the man fired shots into the air and threw Molotov cocktails near a Turkish Airlines (TK) airliner. The father’s demands included flying to Turkey with his daughter. Negotiations soon began. Psychologists, negotiators, and intervention units arrived at the scene and were able to resolve the situation peacefully.

“The hostage-taking has ended. The man has left his car with his daughter and been taken for questioning by security forces without resistance,” local police announced on X, formerly Twitter, adding the child “seems in good health.”

The hostage situation had significant repercussions for air travel in the region. On November 4, 2023, 17 flights scheduled to land in Hamburg, carrying approximately…

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