Head of NASA, Bill Nelson, on how Vatican Observatory helps us explore the heavens | Space


In an interview with Vatican News, the Head of NASA, Administrator Bill Nelson, reveals Holy See-US Space collaboration, commends the Vatican’s Observatory for shedding light on the heavens, and shares how space travel teaches valuable lessons about human fraternity.

By Deborah Castellano Lubov

“I’m very glad the Vatican is so involved in matters of space, with its Observatory, which says a lot about exploring the heavens…”

In an interview with Vatican News, this was the sentiment expressed by the Head of NASA, Administrator Bill Nelson, who, discussed their ongoing collaboration between the US and Holy See in space cooperation, how space exploration contributes to human fraternity, and how Pope Francis’ teachings have set a powerful example to the world.

The world-renowned space expert, whose led and trained space missions, also revealed why he is in town to participate in the Vatican’s Human Fraternity #BEHuman meetings this weekend, and how space, offers a valuable lesson, for human fraternity.

Administrator Nelson, the former Senator, also traveled to Italy this week as part of NASA’s efforts to strengthen space relationships throughout the world and to support the peaceful exploration of space.  He also with the President of the Italian Space Agency, to discuss current and future collaborations, which include the Artemis Campaign to return to the…

Source www.vaticannews.va

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