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Florida Tech is inviting former NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson to speak at the 2024 Astronaut Scholar Awards presentation on Thursday, Feb. 1.

This event will commemorate the achievements of Florida Tech students who have earned the Astronaut Scholarship, an award given to the best up-and-coming students in the STEM fields.

“We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation to bring astronaut Chris Ferguson to campus to share his knowledge and stories with students,” Andy McIlwraith, the chief marketing officer at Florida Tech, said in an email.

Ferguson worked as a pilot in the Navy for 14 years before his tenure with NASA. After he completed his training with the agency, he worked on software and solid rocket boosters for the space shuttle.

Ferguson received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and his masters in aeronautical engineering, which helped him in his work at NASA prior to his spaceflights.

The first mission Ferguson took was on the Atlantis space shuttle in September 2006. The purpose of the mission was to continue construction on the International Space Station.

The astronaut had two…

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