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A330-800neo Background

There are some aircraft that have hundreds of them built every year like the Airbus A321, with thousands in existence and thousands more on order. Then, there are older aircraft that are nearing the end of life that had many operators in the past when they were originally produced like the classic Boeing 737-200, and now has less than 30 frames actively flying.

But new aircraft produced in smaller numbers are hard to come by, even the Boeing 737’s least popular type, the -600 variant had just under 70 produced during its time. But the Airbus A330-800neo has less than 10 currently flying, and the order book of the type won’t even hit 15, unlike the much more popular Airbus A330-900neo which currently has around 100 of the type flying and hundreds more on order.

Current operators of the elusive A330-800neo include Kuwait Airways with four, Uganda Airlines with two, and Air Greenland with a single aircraft. The only A330-800neo in the order book are four that will be headed to Garuda Indonesia and one that will be flying privately, which will become the only VIP A330-800neo and will not fly for an airline.

Air Greenland A330 background

Air Greenland holds possession of the only Airbus A330-800neo that belongs to a company in the Western Hemisphere and will be the truth for the foreseeable future unless there are more orders, or the single privately owned aircraft goes to someone in North or South America.

The A330-800 with the Greenlandic carrier is named “Tuukkaq” and means “Harpoon Head” in the native Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) language and is a continuation of the airline’s previous flagship aircraft, an Airbus A330-200 that was named “Norsaq”, which translates to “Throwing Stick”.

Even the tail number pays homage to the country it calls home. Carrying a registration of OY-GKN, the ‘GKN’ stands for “Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat”, the second two…

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