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FLYING Media Group (FMG) has acquired AvBuyer, a leading business aircraft listing marketplace and large business aviation media brand.

For 25 years, AvBuyer has been providing aircraft owners and operators with key information so that they can make better-informed buying decisions across all areas of business aviation operations.

AvBuyer includes, one of the most active business aircraft listing marketplaces, and AvBuyer magazine, a printed magazine with market intelligence that is distributed to FBOs all over the world. FMG also acquired GA Buyer Europe and GA Buyer Africa, which offer classified listings and marketplaces that cover the European and African general aviation markets.

In addition to providing a liquid marketplace for dealers to match with prospective buyers, AvBuyer is a leading market intelligence provider in the business aviation community.

“AvBuyer is one of the most respected brands in the aircraft dealer and buyer communities. Now with a significant global presence, the FMG platform has the most expansive reach for prospective buyers of any classified aircraft listing provider in aviation,” Craig Fuller, CEO of FMG, stated.

FMG owns one of the fastest growing aircraft listing marketplaces, Aircraft for Sale (AFS) and The Aircraft for Sale monthly print edition is sent to every FLYING Magazine subscriber and is distributed to FBOs across North America.

FMG plans to continue to build Aircraft for Sale, which is focused on the pilot community, and AvBuyer, which is focused on the business aviation and fleet operator community.

FLYING Media Group has the largest audience of active and prospective aircraft buyers of any media provider across its portfolio of 26 aviation brands, online sites, and marketplaces.

“With our acquisition AvBuyer, FLYING Media Group’s massive and engaged audience is unmatched by any other aviation media provider. Dealers and OEMs that want to get their message and…

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