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DALLAS — Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Flair Airlines (F8) has announced it continued its robust operational performance with the release of its statistics for July. The Edmonton-based airline announced its completion factor and on-time performance over the course of the month. Furthermore, Flair Airlines released additional metrics describing the airline’s performance.

Over the entirety of July, F8 demonstrated strong numbers, which were well above industry averages in the three key performance indicators, including on-time performance, load factor, and completion factor.

Canada’s third-largest airline reported a 99.3% completion factor in July. This statistic is an important performance indicator, indicating the percentage of flights that were successfully completed compared to the canceled flights. In July, F8 canceled just seven flights per thousand flights, with five of those cancellations occurring within 24 hours. In comparison, Air Canada (AC) canceled 71 per thousand flights, WestJet (WS) canceled 22 flights per thousand, and Porter Airlines (PD) canceled 94 per thousand flights.

Flair Airlines also reported an on-time performance of 71.1% of all flights. This measures the flights that arrive at their destination within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. That said, F8’s July performance was lower than its performance in June, where it reported an on-time performance of 77.4% of all flights. Still, Flair’s on-time performance in July dramatically exceeded that of competitors such as Lynx Air (Y9), AC, WS, and PD.

Lastly, F8 reported that the load factor, which is the percentage of seating capacity that is filled by passengers, remained strong in July, with 88% of all available seats being sold. This translated into 481,808 passengers flown by F8 in July, up from the 436,112 passengers flown in June. This further demonstrated the strong demand for Canada’s busy summer travel season.

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