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DALLAS — Flair Airlines (F8) announced yesterday the launch of an innovative airline pilot training program in partnership with Ontario-based Genesis Flight College. The program aims to select aspiring pilots and invite them to join Flair as first officers following their graduation. The first candidates are expected to begin being selected this fall, with training expected to start in the new year.

The main objective of the new program will be to prepare pilots to join the F8 team as first officers on the Boeing 737 within 18 months. This is a similar initiative to programs offered within Europe that train low-time pilots to become first officers on the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 Family of jets.

Flair Airlines takes pride in this first-of-a-kind program within North America, taking ab initio pilots to first officers of large narrowbody jet aircraft within a short time span.

Comments from Flair CEO, Genesis President

“Flair is proud to collaborate with Genesis Flight College and CTS Aero to take this effective training model and adapt it for rigorous Canadian standards,” said Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair Airlines. “The program is a first of its kind in Canada by a national carrier and will allow us to contribute to the growth and sustainability of Canada’s aviation workforce, and to continue our mission to deliver the lowest fares on offer in Canada. Training pilots through our innovations will be a key part of our success.”

“Our partnership with Flair on the Cadet Program will provide cadets with a direct pathway to a first officer position and Flair with a pipeline of highly trained pilots”, said David Gascoigne, President of Genesis Flight College. “We are pleased to be selected as the first flight school in Canada to implement the industry-leading multi-crew training syllabus pioneered in Europe along with fully integrated virtual reality training.”…

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