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The five trends noted below aren’t the only trends of importance but they are worth noting — they result in the kinds of stories that keep appearing in one form or another because the concept has enduring appeal.

1.The multiverse persists as a belief without evidence. At Cosmic Log, science writer Alan Boyle discusses why scientists take the multiverse — the idea that there might be an infinite number of universes — seriously? He points to the book The Allure of the Multiverse (Basic Books 2024) by Saint Joseph’s University physicist Paul Halpern:

Scientists have searched for traces of the multiverse at work in the temperature variations of cosmic microwave background radiation — the so-called afterglow of the Big Bang. They’ve tried to detect primordial gravitational waves that could tell them about the history of cosmic inflation. They’ve looked for signs of gravitons at the Large Hadron Collider, or small-scale variations in the force of gravity that could point to interactions with extra dimensions.

So far, these scientists have struck out. Some have even given up, after concluding that the multiverse hypothesis is an unprovable “theory of anything” and therefore shouldn’t be considered science.

Alan Boyle, “Why scientists are mesmerized by the multiverse, Cosmic Log, January 15, 2024

Halpern disagrees. But determined persistence despite lack of evidence usually points to a value judgment. While neither Boyle nor Halpern mention this, “our cosmos appears to have been precisely tuned to foster intelligent life.( There is lots of evidence for that, though many proclaim it an illusion. The simplest fix they can offer is that there may be countless universes that randomly flopped, along with a few accidental winners:

Some physicists have explained away these serendipitous conditions by invoking multiverse theory, which states that there are an infinite number of parallel universes, each with…

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