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Five Really Weird Extraterrestrial Encounters
Preston Dennett:

UFO contact is known for high strangeness. When people encounter ETs face-to-face, or are taken onboard, things can go from strange to truly bizarre. This video presents five cases from across the world, which contain incredibly odd and unique elements of high strangeness. Each of these five cases include sightings, landings, humanoids, and an onboard experience. Each contain physical evidence of some kind or another. These cases have some remarkable insights into the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon.

THE CASE OF CATHIE CONNELLY. In the summer of 1940, Cathie Connelly was walking down a country lane in Meriden, England when she came upon a small, strange structure. There were tall odd-looking men wearing jumpsuits standing near it. When she returned later, it was gone. Later, while working at a factory, she saw one of the men she had seen next to this craft, and he told Cathie that he was an ET. So began Cathie’s contacts. She was soon taken onboard. She saw human-looking people and blue-skinned beings with cat-like eyes. She was physically examined and given a tour of the craft. They took her to an active war-area and to New York, showing her the Statue of Liberty. Many other incidents of high strangeness occurred, including going back in time to certain childhood events, and to a country in Africa.

THE CASE OF ARNE-HARDER JORGENSEN. One day in Aug of 1956, Arne-Harder Jorgensen (age 10) played Cowboys & Indians with his friends near his home in Vaklev, Denmark. Suddenly he heard foreign-sounding voices and laughter. Peaking outside of his hiding place, he saw three short, bald humanoids wearing jumpsuits and eating berries from a berry bush. Suddenly the ETs turned and stared right at him. Arne tried to run, but found that he couldn’t move. One of the humanoids studied him up and down, and walked away. Then, a silver saucer-shape craft took off. Arne’s paralysis lifted. He ran home to find…

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