First Whistleblower Revelations of Reverse Engineered ET Spacecraft date to 1977 | UAP


First Whistleblower Revelations of
Reverse Engineered ET Spacecraft
date to 1977

Dr. Michael Salla:

Stan Deyo was enrolled as a cadet at the USAF Academy but left before graduation to work as a computer programmer and physicist in Dallas, Texas. His advanced knowledge of electrogravitic propulsion systems came to the attention of a Top-Secret reverse engineering project of flying saucer technologies headed by Dr. Edward Teller. His electrogravitic system designs led to Deyo being recruited to join the project and also being approached by the FBI to work as an undercover operative. Deyo eventually decided to leave the project and the US for Australia and was recommended for a position in a similar reverse engineering project involving electrogravitics at a highly classified aeronautical project in Melbourne, Australia.

After being interviewed and comparing notes on electrogravitics with Australian project scientists, Deyo refused to comply with overly stringent secrecy provisions. He was also briefed by Australian members of a secretive international control group that shared information on extraterrestrials working directly with multiple nation-states in order to gain underground bases and build advanced spacecraft. Deyo went into hiding to protect himself for knowing too much and survived an assassination attempt.

In 1977, he came out of hiding to feature in an Australian TV documentary “UFOs Are Here’ where he revealed his knowledge of classified reverse engineering projects in the US and Australia. In 1978, Deyo wrote his first book. The Cosmic Conspiracy, which exposed how governments worldwide were cooperating to find, study and reverse engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft. He believes we are on the verge of a great UFO deception involving different factions of extraterrestrials desiring to either manipulate or save humanity.


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