Final Six F-15Es Return From Jordan With Nose Arts And Drone Kill Markings | Aviation

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The nose arts and markings on the final 494th FS F-15E Strike Eagles returning from Jordan (All images, credit: Stewart Jack)

The final six F-15E Strike Eagles of the 494th Fighter Squadron have returned to RAF Lakenheath. They all wear nose arts and AIM-9X kill markings.

On May 10, 2024, flying as TABOR 81, the second flight of six F-15E Strike Eagles returned to their home base at RAF Lakenheath after nearly seven months of deployment in Jordan.

The aircraft, belonging to the 494th Fighter Squadron “Mighty Black Panthers” of the 48th Fighter Wing, arrived in the UK from Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, Jordan, via a stopover in Aviano AB, Italy.

As for the first six Strike Eagles which had returned home on May 8, the final six F-15Es sport some nice nose arts along with bomb markings.

What’s certain is that the 494th FS fired plenty of AIM-9X, as the photos, taken yesterday at RAF Lakenheath by our contributor Stewart Jack show. Indeed, many of the F-15Es, have been adorned with nose art (a tradition for deployed aircraft), bomb markings along with red-colored AIM-9X Sidewinder markings. As explained, each AIM-9 silhouette represents at least one missile fired in combat.

In fact, together with Israeli and other U.S. and allied aircraft, the F-15E Strike Eagles played a crucial role in defending Israel during the attack on the night of April 13-14, 2024. This attack,…


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