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A family in Las Vegas who claimed last year that 10 foot tall aliens had crashed and were walking around in their backyard are not only sticking to their story, they are adding to it.

It was in June of last year when the family in contacted Las Vegas Metro Police with a wild story.

“In my backyard. I swear to God this is not a joke, this is actually — we’re terrified,” the caller told the police.

“They’re like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. Like, I can’t explain it, and big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re human. They’re 100% not human.”

The aliens appearing in the family’s backyard coincided with a bright object flying low across the night sky that was witnessed by over 20 people in eastern California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

In September, despite Las Vegas police closing the case without any resolution or confirmation of alien situation in their yard, the family doubled down on their claims.

One member of the family went on Inside Edition and that claimed that three days after their alien encounter he saw a government SUV containing men in black circling in their Las Vegas neighborhood.

Fast forward to this week, and the family is now tripling down on their story, and then some.

“It was moving and breathing. It was pissed off, like it wanted to do something looking at…


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