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DALLAS Airways interviews Richárd Deák, Mito Digital‘s Business Unit Director in Aviation. The company has worked with various European and American carriers, such as Wizz Air (W6), Play Airlines (OG), and Frontier Airlines (F9).

Richard – or rather Richie – is a true aviation professional. Being responsible for airline clients, he has been leading Mito Digital’s respective business unit since 2015. Thanks to his over 15 years of industry experience, he knows it all about leading teams and building top-notch interfaces that millions of customers use around the globe. Also, he is president of the Hungarian Ducati Owners Club.

DC: Could you please explain the key elements that contribute to the success of an airline website?

RD: Success for airlines means meeting the online-related business KPIs that vary based on the airline’s business strategy. Airlines set different goals for booking-focused or ancillary-focused strategies. The general success metric for all is reaching conversions on the website with maximized financial value during booking and post-booking.

The key elements contributing to those success metrics are the followings:
● A failproof, monitored, maintained, optimized booking flow and post-booking management features.
● A website that serves market-specific needs, including payments. For example, in South America, in-store payment for an online purchase service is not uncommon due to the distrust of online credit/debit card usage. In other countries, such as China, digital wallets are extensively used, so airlines should accommodate those payment methods.
● Finally, an IBE digital experience should have no significant distance from the airline’s positioning. A premium airline must provide a matching experience online; otherwise, customers might choose the competition – given that it is available on the selected route.

In your opinion, what are the most important factors from a passenger perspective that airlines…

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