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Whenever I write about the FAA’s MOSAIC regulation, especially when I mentioned the date they predicted, a substantial percentage of all readers shrug this off, believing that the FAA will never complete it on time.

What if I told you it was ahead of schedule? Is that an unbelievable claim? Perhaps, but the proof is right here, right now.

Consider the following communication from the ASTM committee working on LSA standards. In case you don’t know what that is, ASTM is an industry standards group that operates privately, creating and getting agreement on standards used by the FAA to accept light sport aircraft into the aviation fleet (this is different than conventional FAA certification.)


From almost the beginning, the FAA has moved faster than most of us imagined. At EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 the FAA announced it would remove the drone portion of MOSAIC, which was delaying the overall regulation as that community works out its issues. FAA officials said removing all that language could take some months. In fact, it was done in a few weeks. That told me something. Once the internal or procedural impediments to progress are removed, the MOSAIC team can move swiftly.

The FAA official I videoed last year at AirVenture claimed that the regulation would be ready by August 2023. Days later, still at AirVenture, other FAA officials said about him, “Oh, he’s usually rather optimistic.” They were implying it might not happen by that date. Maybe they were trying to allow some wiggle room.

Later, when I reported the official’s August 2023 statement and gave talks referencing it, I would estimate a third of all those listening or reading doubted the FAA would meet its own deadline. The belief isn’t all wrong; the FAA has missed deadlines before.

One thing no one thought: that the FAA would complete the thing ahead of schedule.

Now, Hear This…

“[ASTM] received this communication this morning—Wednesday, July 19, 2023—from…

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