F-15E Strike Eagles Return From Middle East Deployment With AIM-9X Kill Markings And Nose Art | Aviation

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The six F-15E that arrived at RAF Lakenheath on May 8, 2024 (All images: Stewart Jack/The Aviationist)

The first six F-15E Strike Eagles of the 494th Fighter Squadron sport some really interesting markings earned shooting down Iranian drones.

The first six of a dozen F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft with the 494th Fighter Squadron “Mighty Black Panthers” of the 48th Fighter Wing, have returned to RAF Lakenheath, UK, from their deployment to the CENTCOM area of operations. The aircraft, flying as TABOR 71-76, and supported by Blue21 (KC-135 #58-0103), Blue22 (KC-135 #58-0094) and Blue23 (KC-135 #62-3509), landed at their home base at around 13:00LT on May 8, 2024.

The Strike Eagles had been deployed as part of the 494th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, to bolster the U.S. posture in the area amid the Gaza crisis in October 2023.

The aircraft were based at Muwaffaq Salti/Al-Azraq Air Base in Jordan, one of the usual deployment locations for US aircraft in the area.

Along with Israeli and other U.S. and allied aircraft, from there, the F-15Es contributed to the air defense of Israel in the night between Apr. 13 and 14, 2024, when 170 one-way “kamikaze” drones, 120 Medium-Range Ballistic Missiles, and 30 Land-Attack Cruise Missiles were fired towards Israel during an unprecedented attack launched by Iran alongside Houthi terrorist group in Yemen as well as Iranian-backed…

Source theaviationist.com

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