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Welcome back, UFO enthusiasts! 🌌 Today, we delve into a fascinating theory that might revolutionize our understanding of UFO crash retrievals. The theory suggests a cyclic pattern, occurring every 3.19 years, which could explain many reported UFO crashes over the past century. From the famous Roswell incident to the Varginha encounter in Brazil, we will explore the evidence and theories behind this intriguing phenomenon. Could these crashes be influenced by planetary cycles, such as Mars’ orbit? Let’s uncover the truth!

The Origin of the Theory

The idea of a 3.19-year UFO crash cycle originates from Joseph Ritrovato, who proposed this theory in his article “A Cyclic Period that Correlates with Alleged UFO Crash Retrievals.” Ritrovato observed that many reported UFO crashes seemed to occur in a repeating pattern approximately every 3.19 years. This pattern intrigued him, leading to a detailed analysis of historical UFO crash data.

Key Incidents Supporting the Cycle

One of the most notable UFO crashes, the Roswell incident, took place in July 1947. However, this was not an isolated event. Over the years, numerous other crashes have been reported, many of which align with the proposed 3.19-year cycle. For instance, the Varginha incident in Brazil in January 1996, often dubbed Brazil’s Roswell, involved the capture of alleged extraterrestrial beings and fits perfectly into the cycle.

Further supporting incidents include:

Planetary Cycles and UFO Crashes

Ritrovato theorizes that there might be a connection between these UFO crashes and planetary cycles, particularly Mars’ orbit, which is approximately 776 days (a little over 2 years). It has been suggested that the Mars…

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