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We continue with the monthly market update, in this case with Europe. To review the Americas, separated into Latin America and the United States/Canada, you can visit the following links:

In this edition, we can mention two important highlights of this market. Brussels and ITA added new aircraft to their fleets during November, both of them Airbus. Brussels Airlines acquired its first Airbus A320neo, while ITA Airways took its first Airbus A321neo. Each one is new, just out of the factory. These jets will enter service shortly.

The Athens-based carrier began operations to Dubai on November 11th. Aegean will serve six times a week on 186-seat Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Flights between United Arab Emirates and Athens

The new Italian airline, founded in 2022, will resume flights between Ancona and Barcelona as of December 1st. AeroItalia had inaugurated services on this route last October 2nd, being suspended 25 days later. According to its website, the company plans to operate twice weekly with AirConnect ATR 72-600s.

Bacau and Bucharest are AeroItalia’s current international destinations. Alghero, Ancona, Bologna, Catania, Comiso, Milan, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Pisa and Rome are within the country.

On October 21st, Air France began seasonal flights between Paris and Tromsø, Norway. The carrier will offer one weekly service until December 4th, when it will increase to two for the high season. Air France currently operates on Saturdays, and will add a flight on Tuesdays in December.

Effective June 25th, 2024, Air Greenland will start seasonal services between Kangerlussuaq, Copenhagen and Aalborg. The carrier will have weekly flight with Boeing 737 jets owned by Jet Time. Operations are available for sale on the airline’s…

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