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Encyclopedia Galactica is a Guidebook to over
150 Spacefaring Alien Civilizations in our Galaxy
In a new illustrated color book, Encyclopedia Galactica: From Andromeda to Canis Minor, Elena Danaan provides detailed drawings of over 150 spacefaring extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy. She describes how she began with crude black and white drawings from her 2020 book, A Gift From The Stars, and used different AI art programs to colorize these, and then applied digital artistic tools to add facial and skin features of representatives of each race. In response to questions, Danaan explains how her project can be viewed as a continuation of her former professional archeological career restoring artwork found on Egyptian temples.

Encyclopedia Galactica is the first volume in a multivolume series that provides full-color artwork and summary descriptions of over 1000 spacefaring alien races in our solar system. Danaan asserts that she could access a galactic-wide akashic record of extraterrestrial civilization through an upgraded implant to complete the first volume and intends to do the same for subsequent volumes.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Danaan discusses several extraterrestrial races she covers, highlighting their history and how they interact with Earth. She also responds to questions about what she encountered in an ancient library on the Nibiru mothership, which uses triangle-shaped holographic tablets to cover galactic history. She also responds to questions about what Thor Han Eredyon encountered in a joint Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation of Worlds mission to the Moon where a command-and-control room was found in the center of the Moon that incorporates an organic consciousness and has a crew who are currently in stasis pods that will eventually awaken to pilot the Moon. Danaan was told that the Moon would only move when it could do so without causing widespread problems for…

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