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Ten True Cases
One puzzling enigma of the UFO phenomenon is the huge variation of reported humanoids. Grays, Mantids, Tall Whites, Nordics, Blue Beings…the list is endless. Complicating this is the fact that cultures across the world report many supernatural entities. Fairies, elves, gnomes…little people of all kinds. Could some of these little people be aliens? Or vice-versa, could some of the aliens be little people? There doesn’t appear to be any easy answer. But the fact remains, there are many reports like this, and it’s still going on today! This video presents ten cases of people who have encountered little people which might be either an elf or alien!

AN ELF IN BRANTE, FINLAND. In 1885, a lady was picking berries in the forest near her home in when she saw a large circular object landed on a small hill. Standing nearby was an elf-like creature holding an axe. The woman fled the area. She returned later with some other people, but the object and the elf were gone.

THE LITTLE MAN OF MONGAUP VALLEY, NY. Ron Quinn was only ten years old in August of 1942 when one afternoon, he heard someone tapping on the window. He was amazed to see a tiny man only with long hair, a dark gray beard and large eyes wearing a green hat, a gray shirt, trousers, and soft brown boots. Smiling, the little man motioned for Ron to come closer. Ron opened the window and reached out to touch the man.

MY MYSTERIOUS FRIEND. In 1945, Galen Sharp was five years old when an elf appeared in his home in Lakewood, CO. The little man had large eyes, a rounded nose, and a bald head. He wore a short jacket, dark pants and leather shoes. He introduced himself to Galen and disappeared. Over the next year, the elf reappeared many times, shared special stories with him and performed playful antics to make Galen laugh.

AN ALIEN ELF IN SAN GABRIEL, CA. On Christmas morning in 1957, a seven-year-old boy woke up to see a four-foot-tall elfish figure looking into the house from the…

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