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DALLAS — In a move to centralize and consolidate travel, Poland has brought in Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (Central Communication Port), or CPK, to foster a multi-modal transit hub. The upcoming megaproject will primarily host the built-from-scratch airport alongside a railway station with twelve tracks and a bus station. The “Solidarity Transport Hub” would be Poland’s meeting point in a way.

Last month, the full Airport Master Plan was unveiled to portray the growth and strategy of the airport transparently. Under phase one, the airport alone will be ready to handle 40 million passengers annually, with two parallel runways of 3800 m in length and the main CPK concourse sitting in between.

Work under phase one is expected to be completed in 2028.

CPK Phase One | Photo: CPK

“This document is a summary of months of work on the long-term development concept for the airport and the multimodal CPK hub. The Master Plan presents considered variants and the stages of airport development. We intend to provide passengers with opportunities for comfortable travel by combining different modes of transport in one place. A key element of the designed infrastructure is the first railway station integrated in such a way with the airport.”

Mikolaj Wild, President of CPK

CPK is working closely with IATA’s forecast, the 40 million passenger mark is expected to be reached by 2035 indicating the definitive need for further expansion. By the year 2060, nearly 65 million passengers are expected to make their way through CPK.

The area to the south of the phase one site would be used to facilitate the required expansion, which would see a third parallel runway.

To LOT’s Advantage?

Polish flag carrier LOT (LO), based out of Warasw Chopin Airport (WAW), sure has something most airlines would desire – a consolidated, convenient airport hosting a variety of easy-access transfer facilities.

Warsaw’s present-day airport,…

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