EASA Asks Airlines To Replace Some Airbus A320 Fuel Pumps

Beyond all three major US airlines, numerous smaller carriers in the US operate substantial Airbus A320 Family fleets. Of course, this also extends to aircraft in other parts of the world. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Which aircraft are affected?

EASA states that this issue affects aircraft that have a date of manufacture before June 30th, 2015. Unfortunately, this potentially covers a very wide range of A320 Family variants, as noted by EASA:

Airbus A318-111, A318-112, A318-121, A318-122, A319-111, A319-112, A319-113, A319-114, A319-115, A319-131, A319-132, A319-133, A319-151N, A319-153N, A319-171N, A320-211, A320-212, A320-214, A320-215, A320-216, A320-231, A320-232, A320-233, A320-251N, A320-252N, A320-253N, A320-271N, A320-272N, A320-273N, A321-111, A321-112, A321-131, A321-211, A321-212, A321-213, A321-231, A321-232, A321-251N, A321-251NX, A321-252N, A321-252NX, A321-253N, A321-253NX, A321-271N, A321-271NX, A321-272N and A321-272NX aircraft.

While all manufacturer serial numbers of these aircraft types are included in the AD, the specific fuel pump needing replacement is limited. In this case, the Part Number (P/N) is listed as P99C38-605, with the issue extending to a list of just over 100 serial numbers. Those numbers are listed in Appendix 1 of the EASA AD.

Thus, with a relatively small list of fuel pump serial numbers affected, this issue doesn’t appear to be as widespread as the long list of possibly affected variants might indicate.

Article Source simpleflying.com

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