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WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFRL) – The Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, will feature several space-related technologies and programs during the 39th Space Symposium at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 8-11, 2024.

“As the Department of the Air Force re-optimizes for Great Power Competition and the U.S. Space Force ensures continued competitive endurance, the Air Force Research Laboratory remains focused on One Lab, One Fight accelerating leap-ahead capability to warfighters in both Services,” said Dr. Andrew Williams, deputy technology executive officer for Space Science and Technology, or S&T. “AFRL’s science and technology investment is foundational for U.S. capability enabling resilient, multi-domain solutions to create complexity and increase the cost of aggression and ultimately empower deterrence.”

Williams will participate during a panel discussion, “Inventing the Future for Space Superiority,” with representatives from the Naval Research Laboratory and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory April 11, 2024, from 8:45-9:30 a.m. MT. Panel discussion topics will include critical technology areas for each lab as well as creating a robust science and technology ecosystem, expectations for 2040 and beyond, the One AFRL, One Fight focus and much more. Joining Williams as panelists will be Dr. Stephen Meier, Director of the NRL Center for Space Technology (NCST) and Dr. Andrew Gray, Area Manager, Program at NASA JPL.

AFRL programs

At the Space Symposium, AFRL will highlight a variety of space programs and technologies where AFRL is working, including Space Situational Awareness, Rapid Response and Space Support to the Joint Force. Technologies to be included at the AFRL exhibit booth include Neuromorphic Computing for Space, or NICS+; the Oracle Family of Systems; Safe Trusted Autonomy for Responsible…

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