Discovered Lost Tapes Confirm ET Contact and SSP claims by French Experiencer | UAP

Discovered Lost Tapes Confirm ET Contact
and SSP claims by French Experiencer
Dr. Michael Salla:

In 1988/1989, when only 18 years old, Jean Charles Moyen recorded an audio file of his experiences as a “starseed” who had incarnated on Earth with powerful psychic abilities and frequent contact experiences with his extraterrestrial “family”. He described some of his telekinetic and teleportation experiences, as well as threats by the mysterious Men In Black who knew about his origins and abilities.

In 1992, one year after completing compulsory military service for France, and secretly returning from a “20 and back” program from 1991 to 2011, Moyen went on a popular French radio show hosted by Jimmy Guieu, who has been compared to the legendary Art Bell. He described to Guieu, his experiences with extraterrestrials at a military base formerly used by the US Air Force, witnessing a triangle-shaped UFO that was likely part of the secret space program he served on, and again being threatened by the Men in Black.

After suffering a Near Death Experience and losing some of his memories, Moyen forgot all about his recorded tapes. After coming forward with his first interview to the English-speaking world in Dec 2021 on Exopolitics Today, Moyen has shared many more details about his “20 and back” service with a joint US-French secret space program.

Rather than contriving his memories from previous secret space program witnesses dating back to Michael Relfe in 2000 and Randy Cramer in 2014, as some debunkers contend, what the two lost tapes conclusively show is that as a teenager in 1988 and a young adult in 1992, Moyen was already sharing key details of his incredible experiences as a contactee and SSP participant for posterity. Critically, Moyen had befriended and shared key details of his experiences with Guieu who visited Moyen at his family home and met his parents to corroborate the former’s incredible…

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