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Flow diagram of potential bioprocessing strategies. Dashed boxes group the primary sub-processes of biomass processing, protein extraction, and product storage. Solid boxes give individual steps with bulleted lists of common methods to complete the step. Lettered arrows (a, b, c, d, e) give examples of possible workflows for processing E. coli cells expressing recombinant carbonic anhydrase. Image Credit: npj Microgravity (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41526-023-00324-w.

Biomanufacturing based in space can improve the sustainability of deep space exploration. Bioprocessing systems to advance biomanufacturing for space applications need to be developed. In a new report now published in npj Microgravity, Mathangi Soundararajan and a team of scientists in bioengineering and space biosciences at the NASA Ames Research Center, California, have developed commercial technologies to design space bioprocessing systems that supply a liquid amine carbon dioxide scrubber with recombinant active carbonic anhydrase. The design workflows encompassed a biomass of 1 L of Escherichia coli cultures using recombinant protein purification.

The team described three designs that differed in biomass dewatering and protein purification approaches. Values from system complexity metric, technology readiness level, and integration readiness level identified a bioprocessing system design that minimized complexity and enabled versatility.

Carbon capture technology for space missions

Liquid amine scrubbing provides a mature post-combination carbon capture technology on Earth as a promising approach to scrub CO2 produced during crewed space missions. The thermal amine scrubber on the International Space Station provides one of the three candidate methods to remove CO2 and function in space. In its mechanisms of…

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