Department of Energy-Funded Quantum Rods Breakthrough Could Enable Ultra High-Def Virtual Reality | Technology


A breakthrough at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), is utilizing the power of DNA to align quantum rods that may help usher in a new era of enhanced televisions and ultra-realistic virtual reality (VR) devices.

Some modern high-end TVs already make use of the dynamic luminescent qualities of two-dimensional (2D) quantum dots, but finding a way to tap into the superior qualities of their two-dimensional cousins, quantum rods, has remained elusive. However, the researchers behind this latest effort claim that the situation has now changed.

The Secrets of Realistic VR and Star Trek Holodecks May Lie in the Quantum Realm

In science fiction, things like holograms and virtual reality are often commonplace. However, present-day engineers are still working to improve both technologies enough that they function anywhere close to a Star Wars distress hologram from Princess Leia, let alone a full-blown Star Trek-style holodeck that looks and feels like reality.

As a matter of fact, there are still ongoing efforts to improve TVs, monitors, or even the screens on mobile devices that don’t involve 3D holograms of virtual reality. In some cases, those engineers have begun to turn to the quantum realm for answers. That’s because, along with their extreme strength and durability, two-dimensional materials like graphene or quantum dots also offer a wide array of optical and electromagnet properties.

Unfortunately, none of those efforts have been able to tap into the exceptional optical properties of quantum rods, which include the ability to control both the polarization and color of light. Both are qualities needed in many virtual reality and holographic technology concepts.

The main issue has been that the quantum rods, which are essentially elongated quantum dots, all need to line up in the same direction to be of any use, or their properties often cancel each other out. Still, getting them…

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