Delta, AMEX bring back limited edition metal credit card | Airlines

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Delta Air Lines and American Express have announced the return of a limited edition credit card design containing 33% metal taken from two B747 aircraft. 

The airline said that the metal credit cards, which were first launched two years ago, were brought back due to an ‘overwhelming’ response from existing credit card holders and members.

The limited-edition cards, which are available until June 5, 2024, are made from two Delta Boeing 747 aircraft that were retired after more than 27 years of service. The cards feature each plane’s history, including their first and last flights, tail number and number of miles flown.   

The card is available exclusively for new and existing Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business Card Members.

“At Delta, innovation and experience are at the core of everything we do,” Prashant Sharma, Vice President of Loyalty at Delta Air Lines said in a statement.

“Each card carries the legacy of countless journeys and embodies the spirit of exploration that drives our customers and all of us at Delta. When combined with the recently upgraded benefits, these cards provide a nod to our storied past and symbolize the elevated experiences our customers can expect in their future travels,” Sharma added.

 Jon Gantman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cobrand Product Management at American Express said: “We’re bringing back one…


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