Delta Air Lines Flies 4 Million Vaccines Down To Colombia

As a part of the critical supply chain of COVID-19 vaccines, Delta Air Lines has just shipped four million doses of the vaccine from the United States to Colombia. In a statement released on October 7, 2021, the Atlanta-headquartered airline said it supported the global efforts to end the pandemic and reconnect the world.

Delta monitors the transport of vaccines from start to finish. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Since the beginnings of the pandemic, Delta Air Lines has been providing essential travel, and now they are leaders in the delivery of much-needed COVID-19 vaccines. These critical vaccines receive the utmost priority on Delta aircraft with the entire journey monitored from start to finish. Delta Air Lines has a unique Vaccine Watch Tower that enables complete end-to-end visibility for all vaccine shipments. With 24/7 monitoring and eyes on the ground, the Tower works closely with Flight Operations to ensure the vaccines are transported securely at the required temperature.

Delta works with a local freight company in Bogota

When speaking in a company statement about the latest batch of vaccines to arrive in Colombia from the United States, Regional Field Operations Manager at Delta Cargo, Marcela Friedrich, said:

“I was born in Colombia but have lived in the U.S. for sixteen years, and my parents live in Bogota, so these shipments are incredibly important for me. I feel that I am part of the solution and that I am helping to get my native country, and its economy, back to a new normal.”

Once the vaccines arrive, Delta works with a local freight company. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Once the vaccines arrive at El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport (BOG), Bogota, Delta Cargo works with a local freight company to ensure they reach their intended destination. When talking about the deliveries in Colombia Delta’s Airport and Cargo Manager in Bogota, Carolina Vernanza said:

“With over 50 million people living in Colombia, the arrival of four million COVID-19 vaccines is a major boost and will really help Colombians to get closer to the country’s vaccination goals.”

Delta uses its extensive network to transport vaccines

Delta Air Lines has proven its ability to safely transport vaccines to all corners of the globe with its extensive domestic and worldwide network. When talking about Delta’s role in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines, Vice President of Delta Cargo Rob Walpole said:

“These vaccine shipments to Latin America are part of our continued focus on the safe and reliable transportation of these critical vaccines throughout the U.S. and internationally.” Adding, “We believe in the importance of vaccinations to save lives, and every person we help to get vaccinated is a potential life saved.”

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Delta has a history of transporting pharmaceuticals

Even before the pandemic, Delta Air Lines was a leader in the transportation of pharmaceuticals. At its Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) hub, Delta was the first passenger airline to receive IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharma Logistics Certification (CEIV).

Delta uses its global network to ship vaccines. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines enhances its broad distribution network by working closely with airline partners that include the following companies:

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo
Virgin Atlantic Cargo
Korean Air Cargo
Aeromexico Cargo
SkyTeam Cargo

By working closely with others, it allows Delta Air Lines a worldwide reach with stop gap reliability.

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