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Australia is lucky to have some of the darkest skies in the world, but that is rapidly changing.

Thousands of satellites can be seen at night circling the globe, with many of them there to improve how we communicate on Earth, and that number is predicted to explode in coming years.

Scientists, looking deep into space, have been voicing their concerns that these satellites are encroaching on their ability to study the cosmos.

They are also concerned that regulation is not keeping pace with the increased amount of activity in space.

They say that could have significant consequences for systems relying on satellites, like telecommunication and GPS.

Now for the first time, research has shown that the telecommunication Starlink constellation, part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX division, is interfering in their work.

The ever-growing number of satellites being sent to space may pose a threat to Australia’s dark skies.()

In a study, published in the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal, scientists used a powerful telescope in the Netherlands to observe 68 of SpaceX’s satellites and detected emissions from satellites are drifting out of their allocated band, up in space.

Federico Di Vruno, co-director of the International Astronomical Union Centre for the Protection of the Dark and Quiet Sky and one of the authors of the study, says the finding is significant given the growing numbers of satellites orbiting in the sky.

“Why this matters is because of the number,” Dr Di Vruno said.

“Suppose that there is a satellite in space that radiates this kind of signal, there is a very, very small chance that this satellite will be in the beam, in the main site,…

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